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The EMF Ghost Hunter


“Hold on,” I said, waving the rest of the group back. “I’m getting a reading on my $60 K-II EMF Reader For Ghost Hunting.” The lights on the plastic wand flickered red, yellow, and green. “Is there someone here who lost a relative… Their name starts with… S?”

“ME!” cried an old lady. “My mother. Sally. It’s my mother, isn’t it?! Oh, please, say, it’s my mother!”

I laughed. “Ghost hunting is fake, and when you die, you are gone forever,” I told her. “I owned you, you thought this thing was real, and you got owned.” As she sobbed quietly, I pointed to the others on the ghost hunting tour. “Owned,” I said to each one, as I pointed. “Owned, owned, owned.”

The Miracle of Miracle Noodles


“Miracle Noodles” are imitation pasta made with shirataki, which is gel made of glucomannan, an indigestible fiber. They have no calories, no fat, no starch, and no sugar. And they taste mild, so any sauce you cook them in will overwhelm the slightly-off taste of the shirataki. Some dieters love these as a way to fill their stomach with very few calories. (The 450 customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.)

They sound great, right? I wrote about them here because, not to mince words, if you eat indigestible noodles, you shit indigestible noodles. They don’t get digested. Depending on how much you chew these weird strings, you either shit clumps of tiny little white bits that look like maggots, or clumps of long, entangled white buttworms. Bon appetit!

Bejeweled IRL


If you love Bejeweled, you’ll hate the board game.

The manufacturer’s photo is above. These girls can hardly believe they have to pretend they like playing Bejeweled: The Board Game.



This poor girl is trying so hard to be happy about Bejeweled: The Board Game, but her eyes betray her. She’s smiling, but her eyes are sad. Because she has to move the gems around herself and keep score with chips, and because she paid over sixty bucks for a free cellphone game. 

The Prostate Simulator


Prostate cancer is serious. So is benign prostate hyperplasia, and a bunch of other prostate-related afflictions. I couldn’t find this exact model online, but I was surprised to find that there are multiple manufacturers of prostate simulators, this one being the most graphic, and most expensive, at $900.

Doctors treating diseases to make our lives better and longer isn’t why this item is here, though. It’s here because somewhere, someone has ordered a $900 prostate simulator just so they could fuck it. That’s what we do. We’re born, we go through school, we work, we save our money, and some of us, as a species, buy expensive medical tools and fuck them.

Caw Caw Said The Fashion Designer



The fashion designer leapt onto the conference table, brandishing a plastic butter knife. “CAW!” he shouted, the plastic wings on his back rustling. “Caw, caw! FashionWings(TM) are trademarked! TRADEMARKED! CAW! So nobody BETTER not EVER take my brand name! CAW, CAW!”

With that, he threw a chair through the seventeenth-story window, and leapt out.

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