A Whole-House Hoax


The manufacturers of this absurdly-expensive plug claim that it’s an “EMF Neutralizer” which works across your entire house. That’s impossible, of course, because the main source of EMF in any house with electrical outlets is the 60Hz alternating current available in every room. But that doesn’t stop customers from recommending it to each other, with one even saying “I had my chiropractor test this out.”

If you’ve got a mental problem that makes you think phantom electrical signals are hurting your mind and body, then there’s a more expensive option: the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter allows you to “measure” these signals. It claims to measure high-frequency noise and harmonics, but instead of reading out in THD (or another relevant unit) the device shows a three-digit number with no units. Despite this, it’s well-rated by its users, one of whom claims “I hear the filters literally zapping the dirty electricity.”

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