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People Of Walmart Coloring Book


Isn’t it really funny how poor people are out of shape, and they wear crummy clothes, and they shop at the cheap store? Let’s take pictures of them without their consent, and post them online, and then Venn-Diagram the people who laugh at them with the people who color in adult coloring books. See, capitalism works!

Anti-Abortion doll


An anti-abortion company makes these adorable little dolls labeled “Fetal Model, 11-14 week” to convince women that a baby at this stage is already a fully-formed person. I guess they don’t want someone to accidentally google “11 week fetus” and see a tiny little transparent alien-axolotl. But what’s a little lie when it comes to suppressing women’s access to healthcare and human rights?

Hamilton: The Memes


Who would have imagined that the Venn-diagram of people who like memes and people who like Hamilton would overlap into an e-book? Besides me, I mean.

Use the “Look Inside” if you feel like you really need to see what’s inside this book.

Female Coin Flip


Coming in at many times the price of an actual coin that’s worth money, the Female Flip Coin is a non-legal tender coin meant for any occasion where you would flip a coin. Curiously, the naked-man version is about 40% less expensive.

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