That’s What She Said


“I thought this was going to be a book full of jokes,” reads a one-star review by “steve.”

How To Carry Six Beers


Wondering how to take six bottles of beer from one place to another? I present to you “Wooden Six Pack Beer Tote”, an expensive yet necessary accessory for the person who drinks bottles of beer.

You know what would be handy? If beer came in some sort of multi-beer holder, made out of cardboard, when you bought it from the store. Oh well.

Cadbury Screme Egg


After decades of haunting Easter baskets with its cummy center, the Cadbury Creme Egg is now available in fall as the Cadbury Screme Egg.

It’s second in candy-borne terror only to Sour Watermelon Mini Peeps, another formerly-Easter-only candy which is now available at Halloween. If that sounds gross, yes, according to reviews, they’re gross.  

Wi-Fi Enabled Crock Pot


The WeMo 6-Quart Crock Pot ($$$$$) allows you to control your crock pot with your phone. This is “convenient,” somehow, even though a regular crockpot has a dial on the front, requires no phone interfacing, and is $30.

The baddest ass knife ever


Why cut someone once with a single blade when you can freaking destroy them with one slash of this six-bladed knuckle-knife?

If that doesn’t do it for you, how about a knife dragon whose nine legs are all knives?

How To Get Our Facebook Posts


If you’ve “liked” us on Facebook you may have noticed that you won’t usually see our daily posts in your feed. To fix this “feature” of Facebook, hit our page and pull down “Get Notifications” from the “Liked” menu, as shown here. You’ll get our daily posts in your Facebook feed from now on.

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