Isagenix Cleansing & Fat Burning System


This “system”, which amounts to tubs of whey protein, costs $324.99 for a 30-day supply. Like many dietary hoaxes, it makes the claim of “cleansing” (only your liver and kidneys do that) and “fat burning” (which your body does when you eat fewer calories than your total daily energy expenditure.)

You cannot “cleanse” your body with pills or powders, but for some reason, the FDA hasn’t issued any guidelines regarding the use of the word “detox” or “cleanse.” So you can sell anything with these terms on it without having to prove that your product does these things. (As an aside – the term “natural” is similarly unregulated. You can label literally anything as “natural” and it does not violate FDA or consumer labeling guidelines.)

Did I mention that Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company? I should, because it’s not only an expensive weight loss program, it’s also a pyramid scheme.

Stash Mouse


This computer mouse hides a digital scale inside and has a little compartment to stash a tiny amount of weed. This would be more practical if a desktop computer wasn’t a big square box with a ton of empty space where you could put a full-sized scale and several ounces of weed.

Customers who bought this also bought a plastic bic lighter that you can store an even tinier amount of weed in. Who are all these customers and what are they doing with their tiny pieces of weed?

A Toilet For Wrestling Figures


Macho Man slammed a big nelson down on the Hulkster. “You’re about to get wrestled!” he yelled. Then, he pushed a big toilet out in the ring, and he made Hulk poop on it, and Hulkster was crying, and everyone saw him, and saw his poop, even the Ultimate Warrior.

Recreate this amazing scenario with the WWE Hardcore Toilet For Wrestling Action Figures. It’s a toilet for your wrestling action figures.

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