Comic Sans


Comic Sans is the world’s best font. So it’s great that someone has created templates to use with your router, so that you can make wooden Comic Sans signs. Of course (as you can see above) it includes an apostrophe, for all your extra-apostrophe’s need’s. Engrave you’re sine with Comic San’s.

Is the vagina going insane


Is the vagina going insane or is the insanity vaginal? The book “Vagina Insanity” answers the question no one asked. Here’s an excerpt:

My hand reached down her floss and then felt a soft touch of her labia majora while creeping through her pubic symphysis. From the back, I was still able to see her butt crack intoxicating me to have action gagnée. Her entire physic getting crammed up, was enticing me to give her Aussie kiss. She had a rampant drive of sex and her dazzling beauty was giving me the pre-penetrating feel of ecstasy and orgasm.

Someone typed these words (and thousands more – click through to the “Look Inside” if you dare) and then looked at it and thought “Fuck yeah, this is some true vagina insanity. I have to release this beast.”

The punchline to all of this: The author owns a company purporting to teach English.

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