Etizolam and other bad ideas


Related to benzodiazepine drugs like Valium and Xanax, etizolam is quasi-legally available online. It carries the same habituation and dependence problems that these drugs have, minus the rigorous testing and oversight that are involved in the manufacture of prescription pills. As you might imagine, though, it’s sold openly as a “research chemical” along with the more-dangerous flubromazolam, a benzo-derivative that can be fatal in doses of 3mg, and the even-more-potent clonazolam.

Then, consider that it’s “frequently sold with” a five-pound bag of poppy seeds, from which recreational users extract morphine (and other opiates) by soaking in hot water. Combining opiates and benzodiazepines causes more respiratory depression (and death by such) than either used on its own. But it’s not as catchy as Krokodil, and introverts silently and accidentally killing themselves by using weird mail-order drugs in front of their laptops aren’t as shocking an image as a Russian junkie’s arm rotting off.

Whole Hog


It’s a pig, intended for spit-roasting. The description says it’s “Head Off”, which I guess means they removed the head, but it’s shown with-head in their picture. They also say it ships free, but it costs over fifty bucks to ship as far as I can tell. Probably not a good idea to buy ambiguous meat online, but, hey, it’s your life.

The weirdest thing about it might be that it’s “frequently bought with” a wooden clock that says Dick.

Cooking For Two: Your Cat & You


Surprisingly not by the author of “Crafting With Cat Hair,” this recipe book is stuffed with atrocious recipes that your cat can, technically, eat. Of course, if you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that giving your cat something weird usually ends with the cat batting it across the floor and leaving it to rot.

The author includes a long list of ingredients (read them all at the Look Inside) which you can’t add to your you-and-cat creations, including salt, meaning that you won’t like what you cook either.

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