Anime Rap


The rapper Josip On Deck has dedicated his musical career to writing Lil B-style songs about anime… and watching anime… and fucking the girls in anime. “Anime Pu$$Y” would be the song to listen to if you just want a taste of his oeuvre.



Magna-Tiles are clear plastic tiles that snap together with magnets are fun for kids to play with. Too bad a hundred of them (which won’t build much) are $120.

The manufacturer says they teach spatial relationships and problem-solving through creative building. But in the land of creative building for kids, you’ve got to compete with sticks, which are available outside everywhere for free.

Chile Oil Soda


I’ve tried chile beer before, which is never exactly “good”, but interesting. You get the base flavor of beer, plus a little bit of heat from the pepper extract. But Ramune Chili Oil Soda is wretched, marrying the bitter flavor of peppers and the sickly-sweet corn syrup with red food dye and zero chili heat to distract you from the nastiness. It’s six ounces, but I couldn’t get past the neck of the bottle before chucking it.

For those brave enough to finish the Chili Oil Soda, the next level is Ramune Takoyaki Soda – which claims to emulate the flavor of fried dough balls. I wanted to tell you what this tasted like, but I couldn’t get past sniffing the open bottle. Maybe you’re braver than I am, or your taste buds don’t work, or you need to win five bucks by drinking something bad, in which case this would be right up your alley.

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