Depressing & homemade


Upon seeing this title, my first thought was of the dead-eyed, balloon-titted sex monsters that internet forum people make. Then I thought of the illustrated guide on how to alter a paper popcorn bucket so you can fuck it inside a movie theater, and I thought of the Reddit guy who taped a Yoda face to his fleshlight. I thought about the article I read that describes how prisoners steal rubber gloves and towels and fuck that somehow. So I had to read “Make Your Own Sex Toys.”

The book started with some sex-positive, adult-fun talk, basic Dr. Ruth material, and then talked about the parts of the man and the woman, and then WHAM THEY SAID TO DRILL A HOLE IN A BAR OF SOAP AND FUCK THE HOLE.

Add that to my memory pile of depressing homemade fuckholes, I guess!

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