Vegan Rolling Paper Tips



It’s really important to someone, somewhere, that their rolling paper tips be vegan, because despite the fact that they are burning and inhaling a hot gaseous stew of tobacco-based cancer, they want to make sure the PAPER DIDN’T COME FROM AN ANIMAL.

This is the point where Mr. Hemp pops his head in and says “But DUDE, weeeEEEeedddd isn’t cancerous!” And that’s kind of true, it’s not as bad for you as smoking tobacco. But the fertilizers commonly used for marijuana cultivation are made from animal bones, animal blood, bird shit, and worm shit. Seriously. Bone meal, blood meal, guano, and worm castings.

Weed’s nutrients all come from animals and I hope you’re not high right now because it’s trippy as hell to think about dead cows in your lungs, and cow blood, and how it went through your lungs, and you’re partially made of cow and birdshit now. You’re made of animals and animal shit. We all are. That’s, like, how everything is tied together, man. Whoa.

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