Call Of Duty: Whatever II


Millions of people will purchase Call Of Duty: Whatever II next week, and who knows how many have already pre-ordered. If you haven’t played this, the objective is to shoot people. You shoot them over and over, and that’s it.

I’m simplifying this, of course. There’s a narrator who yells things like THEY GOT YOUR SAM TURRET! and SCAVENGER! And you can also kill people with unmanned drones and missiles. There are several game options, too, which let you run and shoot people, or try to stay in one place and shoot people.

It’s kind of fun, and it moves really fast, but the main mechanic of the game is that a new edition comes out every year, and you have to chuck your old Call Of Duty because everyone is playing the new one now. But what’s a yearly cost of $59 compared to the $700,000,000,000 we’ve spent invading Iraq and Afghanistan?

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