Monthly Archives: September 2013

Fruta Planta


The FDA issued a warning in 2010 that a “100% Pure Nature” weight-loss product called Fruta Planta contained significant quantities of sibutramine. Although sibutramine is no longer approved for use in most countries, and was responsible for heart attacks, strokes and other medical problems in its users, Fruta Planta is still for sale. According to the manufacturer, Fruta Planta’s ingredients are lemon, bitter melon, spirulina, radish fruit, and benefit fruit. I’m guessing that “benefit fruit” is their euphemism for “artery-popping seizure powder.” 

Iced Coffee Maker


This $230 device makes cold-brew coffee. So does a plastic bucket. You put ground coffee in the bucket, pour cold water in, and leave the bucket in the fridge for 24 hours. Then pour it through a coffee filter into a pitcher. There, I just saved you $230.

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