Dogecoin: The New Fake Money


Hot on the heels of the “success” of Bitcoin (thousands of people spending real dollars on an unregulated crypto-gamble) comes Dogecoin. It’s an electronic cryptocurrency that marries two of the worst things of 2013, “Doge” and bitcoin. It’s the same thing as Bitcoin, using the same open-source protocol and same peer-to-peer transaction ledger.

True to the path Bitcoin followed, as soon as Dogecoin started up, third-party services began to offer storage and transfer services, most of which immediately stole users’ Dogecoins. ┬áDespite this, people still purchase and trade Dogecoins, and you can buy anywhere from 500 to 1,000,000 of them online. You can even buy a “secure security sealed doge coin wallet,” which is a piece of paper in a plastic bag with a visible QR code, meaning that you could cash it in by feeding the image on the listing through a QR-code reader.

Then again, maybe you should get in now, because, like Bitcoin, it’s a pyrami– I mean a triangle, and then you’re up at the top, on top of the scheme. A triangle scheme. Much easier to say than cryptocurrency.

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