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Keep Calm, It’s 2014 And Keep Calm Is Still Here


Did you think this almost-meme went away? Nope. In the year 2014, you can still buy:

1. “Keep Calm And Tan On,” a bronzer lotion.

2. “Keep Calm And Game On,” a metal dog-tag.

3. “Keep Calm: Bugs In Our Food”, an insane self-published book about how our food is full of bacteria.

4. “Keep Calm And Love Pugs”, a pink stethoscope.

5.  My personal favorite, a vest that says “Keep Calm And Take Care Because YOLO.”


The Fault In Our Stars: Parody Hell


No, not the popular John Green novel-turned-movie. The league of rushed-out, unfunny parody books seeking to capitalize on its popularity. Choose from “The Fault In Our Pants”, “The Fault In Our Stairs”, “The Fault Is All Yours”, or “The Fault In Our Stars: A Parody.”

Of course, you could also choose to read none of them. But I’m not sure why you’re here if you don’t want to bathe in the stench of mediocrity.

MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer


The MakerBot Replicator is a $2,899 3D printer which, according to reviews, generally doesn’t work. The software is buggy, the hardware is poorly made, and the manufacturer doesn’t seem to be able to adequately respond to problems. Of course, this is apart from the general complaint I have about 3D printers for home use, which is that making a plastic figurine shouldn’t cost nearly three thousand bucks.

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