Monthly Archives: March 2015

Steampunk flask


Tyler checked his wrist-mounted barometer. “Low air pressure,” he sighed. “I’d better have some tonic.” He unsnapped the Steampunk Flask from its leather holster and took a swig of Ecto Cooler.

Gun Egg


What is the most American egg, you might ask? Obviously, it’s a fried gun egg. Because the only thing that can stop a bad guy with an egg is a patriotic American hero, also with an egg, and the hero will get his egg out first, and save the day.

“Pi Day” for kids


This children’s shirt shows tomorrow’s date, 3/14/15, with the phrase “It only happens once in a lifetime.” To a child, the idea of irrational numbers is new and interesting, so the nerd part’s not the problem. (Obviously, if you’re an adult, and you consider yourself special for knowing a basic fact about a circle, you’re maybe not as sharp as you think you are.)

The issue here is an adult buying a shirt for a child that reminds them they won’t live a hundred more years. Unlike pi, life does not go on forever. Unlike pi, you will not be here in 2115. Here’s a shirt, and by the way, did you know you’re going to die in 99 or fewer years? 

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