Monthly Archives: November 2015

Caffeinated Coffee


“Wake The Fuck Up!!!” is the name of this one-pound bag of pre-ground, stale-ass coffee. Does it have more caffeine than regular coffee? I don’t know, but it tastes like a combination of Folgers and topsoil. WTFU is apparently intended as a competitor to Death Wish Coffee, a high-caffeine blend that actually tastes all right, but for my money, I’d rather have two pounds of regular whole-bean coffee from Kicking Horse (or a local roaster.)

Exploding Kittens


If you think tacos, ninjas, zombies, lasers, cheese, kittens, “and sometimes goats” are automatically funny, then this card game is probably right up your alley. I’ll leave it at that.  



The Hyperlip is a plastic ring you wedge in your mouth to keep your mouth hanging open. Why? The manufacturer doesn’t explain, but notes it’s a “great conversation starter.” It’s worth a peek for the picture of the old guy wearing one, if nothing else.

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