Monthly Archives: March 2016

I Reject Your Reality


That’s not a positive thing. You might not want to brag about it.


I realize this is a quote popularized by one of the MythBusters, but that makes it even more weird. Why would someone ostensibly in the service of truth repeat this phrase, a rejection of group experience in favor of the delusion of self?


Is it simply that objective truth must be tempered with empiricism to be accepted by the public?

The Trump Coloring Book



By manipulating the media, it’s easy to create widespread advertising for your political campaign at little to no cost. It can reach from mainstream television and internet outlets all the way to small, independent blogs that don’t typically cover political topics.

There is also a Hillary coloring book, a Ted Cruz coloring book, a Bernie Sanders coloring book, a Buff Bernie coloring book, and countless others. The world is full of garbage, and we stack it higher, believing against logic that it will not eventually fall, crushing us.

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