Monthly Archives: August 2016

Bamboo Computing


Crafting a keyboard and mouse out of bamboo may be “eco-friendly,” and not terrible, overall, unless you’re a bamboo tree. But a desk calculator made out of bamboo seems unnecessary. It’s hard to argue that a wooden calculator is more eco-friendly than using the calculator that’s already inside your phone and computer, though.

Hip-Hop For Dogs


In a putrid collection of dated and misused rap slang, the author of Hip-Hop For Dogs answers the questions she asks you on the back cover: “Is your dog phat? Is he a playa?” Written by someone with no apparent knowledge of culture, music, rhythm, or rhyme, it is the English As She Is Spoke of rap books.

Wearable Bluetooth scrolling sign


Programmable via Bluetooth, this scrolling sign allows you to (as the manufacturer suggests) put it on your hat when you’re on vacation, as shown here. It’s apparently perfect for people who use giant paper maps. And waiters.

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