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Spinning Toys & Tops


One of the strangest micro-industries to pop up in the last few years is that of the spinning toy. Foreverspin (above) was the beginning of this, as far as I can tell, when it raised half a million bucks on Kickstarter to make precision spinning tops. I can’t imagine how it would be “the perfect gift”, as they claim, for any of the people I know, including children. But it’s popular, and lucrative, and there were soon ripoffs of the Foreverspin, which were bound to happen given that it’s, uh…. a mass-produced single piece of metal.

There’s also an entire copycat-on-copycat line of “EDC Spinners”. EDC stands for “Every-day carry,” suggesting that you’d bring them with you wherever you go, along with your wallet, keys, pocket-knives, and, presumably, a holster with a Mag-Lite in it, in case you get stuck in a dark room. There’s the brass bone-shape, the triangle, the “military-grade” Destroyer Axle, and dozens more. Most of them seem to imply it’s good for “killing time,” though why you’d buy one of these for thirty or fifty bucks instead of a phone full of social media, websites, and porn is anyone’s guess.

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Music Cats Love When You’re Gone


The premise for this album is that cats listen to music, which they don’t. Customer reviews are mixed, but those who gave it five stars say their cats responded to it by going to sleep, which is something cats do for at least twelve hours a day regardless of what you’ve got on the stereo.

There are other albums meant for cats to listen to (those are two separate, different albums.) And there are also albums for dogs, who also do not listen to music. The only way a dog’s listening to anything is if it’s a one-hour recording of dogs barking.

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