BrilliantPad, the self-cleaning dog pad


The premise of BrilliantPad is that you can train your dog to pee and crap on the pad, and then the machine sucks the turds and pee-soaked pad into one end, rolling it up, and pulling out a fresh pad from the other side. Disregarding the price of the unit itself, the rolls cost around $25-30 each, and though, suspiciously, none of the glowing five-star reviews mention how long they last, one critical review of a guy with two small dogs says they last “1-2 weeks.”

Even though this seems like the most expensive way to possibly deal with your dog’s output, it’s at least better than PetSafe Pet Loo, a system that saves and stores your dog’s urine in a large tray, and whose users say their dogs won’t pee on it, won’t even stand on it, and chew up the astroturf on top.

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