Scooby Doo Memes


The trudge through this culture’s recycled content continues, with “101+ Scooby Doo Memes” as just one example of an e-collection of downloaded jpegs which have been chucked onto Amazon in an attempt to monetize intellectual property dating back to the 1960s, or in the case of “101+ Pacman Memes,” 1980. You can even find recycled content from as recent as 2012, as with this December 2017-published title, “Hilarious Rages Comics,” featuring the ten or fifteen old drawings of people having emotions that were popular a few years ago.

The people who know what any of this is or what it means would likely not drop three bucks on a Kindle e-book, as they’ve already seen it and know where to get more, but the march continues onward, with no end in sight.

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