Baby Meat: The Worst Meat


Gerber Graduates seems to have embarked on a program to turn children off of meat by giving them the worst meat (turkey) blended with canola oil (the worst oil.) Years ago, I tried eating one to show my daughter that they were good, upset that she was not getting any meat in her diet, and almost puked all over her little head. It’s like someone left a Vienna Sausage, a single one, out in the fridge in a little puddle of water, so it picked up all the other flavors in the fridge. A little bit of pizza smell, a little bit of egg smell, and a big glob of flavorless spongemeat.

If you check the ingredients, the reason for this becomes obvious – these hellweiners are not just meat, but a blended mix of meat with whey protein, in case your child doesn’t already blow out farts that make your dog hungry.

Of course, all of this is sidestepping the fun fact that that canola oil comes from rapeseeds – which grow on a plant called rape – and “CANadian Oil Low Acidity” is a euphemism invented by the rapeseed industry because they couldn’t sell a food product called rape. (Also, the rape plant had to be genetically modified and specially-bred to be edible in the first place, since it naturally contains compounds which make it so bitter as to be inedible.)

Rapeseed oil is also full of erucic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid which may cause heart damage, so not only is it barely edible, but it’s possibly harmful to consume even in its current genetically-modified form.

Feeding your baby rape and milkmeat doesn’t sound like a good meal, which is probably why they labeled it “lil’ sticks.”

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