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The Cookie IS The Shotglass


Edible shotglasses made with this mold probably taste like cookies, but they’re also probably the least appetizing thing you could cook out of cookie dough.

Not even edible glitter could make them look good.

The Booger Bin, A Solution Of Sorts


In a world where there is no option to disposing of mucus in a sanitary fashion, The Booger Bin solves that very problem. The choice of flicking your booger out into the room you’re sitting in and wiping it inside The Booger Bin is a false dichotomy, of course, but this is a world where you can sell cotton balls at a one-billion-percent markup by calling them Snowman Poop. Anything goes, here.

Tweexy: A Solution In Search Of A Problem


If you paint your own nails, you might look at the manufacturer’s instructions for using Tweexy to hold your nail polish bottle (it’s here, on the listing) and think it’s a great idea. In practice, strapping a bottle of nail polish to your fingers and then trying to paint those fingers from behind the Tweexy is a nightmare, and you’re probably more likely to spill it than if you’d just set the bottle on a table.

The Reversible USB Cable


In theory, this reversible USB cable might be handy, if you have trouble plugging in a regular USB cable due to the fact that there’s a right-side-up and a wrong-side-up. But looking at the end of a cable before you plug it in is free, and so is using a marker to put a dot on the right-side-up side of the USB cable you already own.

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