Monthly Archives: June 2012

Moleskine notebook


Maybe if I use a really expensive notebook, the things I write inside it will be more profound! Sure, I have a smartphone, tablet, and computer which I could use for free, but spending $13 on a little pile of lined paper really does something magical for me.

Before you get too mad, I admit to owning a pile of Moleskine notebooks in different sizes. I hate that I like them so much. I hate that a company has designed a product that exploits a cognitive problem my brain has. I hate it and I write in them and I buy more of them.

The next time someone tells you they believe in intelligent design, ask them “Then why does my brain want me to buy an overpriced notebook?”

Gamer Guy On Couch: A Decal


I can’t think of what you would do with a 60”x41” decal of a guy sitting on a couch playing Xbox. Would you put it on the wall behind your gaming spot and pretend you had a buddy there Xboxing with you? Would you stick it to someone’s window as a prank, so they thought there was a guy in their yard playing Xbox? Or would you stick it above your modern couch in your Apartment Therapy-ass apartment to bring the preciousness of your impossibly-clean modern tables and lamps back to earth?

(Seriously, look at the sample picture of it hanging in an apartment.)

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