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Police Officer Costumes For Girls


This is what women police officers look like. They’re wearing bulletproof armor, and they carry tasers, mace, and a handgun. They’re trained to run long distances to catch and restrain fleeing suspects. So, naturally, a girl’s police officer costume looks like this:


But, surely, that’s just one out of many girls’ police costumes, right? Nope. Knee boots and short skirts. All of them. Seriously. Every one. (Those are five different costumes, if you’re brave enough to click.)

Rollie Eggmaster


The Rollie Eggmaster is a “vertical grill”. What this means is that you crack an egg down into this thing and put a stick in the liquid egg, and then you pull it out and it’s an egg popsicle. Which doesn’t sound that delicious, but boy, when you look at that egg popsicle, it…


…hmm, okay.

Schoolgirl Costume for girls


How is “schoolgirl” a possible Halloween costume for a school-aged girl? We are now at a point in our society where a child can dress up as the pornification of a child getting an education. (The fact that a child getting an education is a topic in porn is a problem to begin with, but I have neither the space nor the time to address that can of worms here.)

Beamz By Flo

Now, you can live your dreams of being a star. As the manufacturer of Beams By Flo says in their infomercial (below), “Why spend thousands of dollars on frustrating music lessons?” Watch it only if you want to see the rapper Flo Rida try to sell people a laser-theremin that plays country music.

If it looks familiar, it’s because Beamz was originally sold in 2009 as “Beamz Pro”, and again in 2010 as “Beamz C4.” Like a wingnut politician, or a turd with too much fat, Beamz just keeps bobbing to the surface.

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