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Toydozer: The Lego Box That Cleans Up Legos


The Toydozer, according to the manufacturer, is a “unique design” enabling kids to clean up Legos. It’s $14.99. It also happens to be almost the same exact shape and size as the plastic box and lid that several Lego sets come in:


I wonder where they got the idea.

Ice Cream Lock


The Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream lock is a cute idea, but seriously… if you don’t want to share a pint of ice cream, you can eat the whole thing. It’s only 1,400 calories. For shit’s sake, this is America. If you can’t put away 1,400 calories of ice cream in one sitting, you’re not even in the 50th-percentile of ice-cream eaters in this country.

AdderRX: Ingredients, health problems & side effects


AdderRX, sold as an “Adderall alternative”, is a jumble of stimulants and nootropics marketed to students. It contains the FDA-banned compound DMAA (1,3-dimethylamine), a stimulant which has caused dozens of health problems, including 5 deaths, since 2008. It also contains synephrine, a chemical that fell out of use in the 1930s, displaced by vasodilators/stimulants that were more effective with fewer side effects. Mixed in with these two shitty drugs are caffeine, vinpocetine, schizandrol, citicoline, and hordenine, all of which raise your blood pressure and, apart from caffeine, are relatively new and untested.

The manufacturer even has the gall to refer to it as “Nuphetamine” in parentheses, suggesting that it is an amphetamine derivative, but no, it’s a quasi-legal mix of heart-explosion chemicals with unknown side effects.

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