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Movie Props From Movies


This $995 eyepatch is the one worn by a guy in Austin Powers, the movie from 1997. It’s no replica, buddy. It’s the actual eye patch the guy had on when he was acting.

If that doesn’t make you excited, how about a $795 gremlin puppet face from Gremlins 2: The New Batch? You remember that movie! It was the 1990 sequel to 1984′s Gremlins, which was the first movie about gremlins, in this series.

No? How about a $495 knife from the 2006 movie Snakes On A Plane?

Still no? I guess you just don’t appreciate art.

Forever Comfy



Despite the fact that “Forever Comfy” sounds like a blanket to put on a dead person inside a coffin, it is instead a cushion. A single, nineteen-dollar cushion. And, according to reviewers, after you sit on it, it never returns to its original size, implying that it’s Once Comfy, not “Forever.”

I still haven’t figured out whether it’s related in any way to “Forever Lazy,” the one-piece depression pajama.

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