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Dogecoin: The New Fake Money


Hot on the heels of the “success” of Bitcoin (thousands of people spending real dollars on an unregulated crypto-gamble) comes Dogecoin. It’s an electronic cryptocurrency that marries two of the worst things of 2013, “Doge” and bitcoin. It’s the same thing as Bitcoin, using the same open-source protocol and same peer-to-peer transaction ledger.

True to the path Bitcoin followed, as soon as Dogecoin started up, third-party services began to offer storage and transfer services, most of which immediately stole users’ Dogecoins.  Despite this, people still purchase and trade Dogecoins, and you can buy anywhere from 500 to 1,000,000 of them online. You can even buy a “secure security sealed doge coin wallet,” which is a piece of paper in a plastic bag with a visible QR code, meaning that you could cash it in by feeding the image on the listing through a QR-code reader.

Then again, maybe you should get in now, because, like Bitcoin, it’s a pyrami– I mean a triangle, and then you’re up at the top, on top of the scheme. A triangle scheme. Much easier to say than cryptocurrency.

Pure Pink Noise


Haha you still listen to music? I’ve been into pure noise lately. Pink noise is great. Also way into smoothed brown noise and pure white noise. Have fun with your non-spectrally-spread tones! I’m sure a series of tonal, harmonic notes will come back around to being cool in a few years.

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