Monthly Archives: January 2017

Grush, The Gaming Toothbrush


I can’t think of any downside to turning basic maintenance of your own body into a phone-led gaming experience. It’s probably fine for toddlers to grow up with no concept of delayed gratification, and the idea that any non-gaming scenario can and should be turned into one.

Then again, their parents probably own this bluetooth toothbrush for adults, and feed the data into Toothr, the app that lets you share brush data with Briends (brushing friends.)

Bluetooth-Sharing Headphones


The main feature of these $200 headphones (apart from having glowing rings that flash with the music you’re listening to) is to “share” what you’re listening to over Bluetooth. But you can only do this if the other person also has a pair of the same headphones. The manufacturer suggests (in their photos) that a lady wearing these might want to smile at a stranger on the subway and share her music with him, which leads me to suggest that they’ve never used public transit.

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