Monthly Archives: January 2017

Adulting Is Bullshit


If you mean that coming up with a cutesy word for responsibilities is bullshit, then, yes, I agree with you, coffee mug. Of course, it doesn’t mean this. It means that responsibilities are bullshit, and rolling around in your own filth playing video games as an adult is bae and swag. Yassss filth.

Campfire Defender


The Campfire Defender is an expensive kit that mostly consists of a fireproof blanket intended to be used to put out a fire. If there were a way to put out a campfire for less than $250, or even free, then I guess we’d just do that, but there’s not, so we’re stuck with the Campfire Defender.

Wrestling Singlet


For some reason, I don’t think this is really meant for wrestling. (The portion I’ve pixellated here is not censored on the manufacturer’s listing, and, no, it’s not safe for work.)

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