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Seedling Parker, The Augmented-Reality Bear


Seedling Parker is a teddy bear that’s also an app. Your child uses their tablet or phone to interact with the stuffed animal, accumulating points for maintaining his health, in an innovative way to completely eliminate imagination from stuffed-animal play. It also transforms physical interaction with a toy into app time, as the concept of “augmented reality” means that you must view the toy through your screen in order for its features to work.



SantaCam is a fake video camera you set out before Christmas to intimidate your children into “being good” lest their presents be revoked. It has a blinking red LED for realism, and it’s a great way to teach your kids that privacy is an illusion. Depending on their beliefs, the children subjected to SantaCam would generally believe one of three things:

1. An omniscient, remote authoritarian is watching them 24 hours a day.

2. Their parents do not grant them privacy, and are willing to surveill them continuously to deny them privacy.

3. Their parents value compliance over truth.

None of these are healthy ways to interact with your children. That’s why SantaCam has such poor – ah, never mind, it mostly has five-star reviews.

French Dip Bath


These bath salts have the fragrance of roast beef, a scent not traditionally associated with bathing or beauty products. It’s supposed to be a prank of some sort, I guess, but on the other hand, there’s apparently a market for bacon-scented mustaches.


Grilled Cheese Toaster


The idea of a grilled-cheese toaster seems appealing, even if you’ve mastered the art of combining bread and cheese in a pan on the stove. Unfortunately, the customer reviews are overwhelmingly negative, with some saying it doesn’t get hot enough to melt the cheese, and others saying that one side burns the bread while the other doesn’t toast at all, or that it arrived physically and functionally broken.

You could buy some toaster bags made of woven fiberglass to make grilled cheese in a normal toaster, if you can’t let go of the idea of toastering a grilled cheese. Or you can roll your cheese-squares up and stick them down into the holes in this Hot Dog Toaster, a countertop device which allows you to push hot dogs and buns down into it to cook them. Nothing is real, everything is permitted.

T-Rex Hatching Egg Candle


The idea of a t-rex hatching from an egg-shaped candle is cute, but the problem lies in the fact that before you burn it, you’ve only got an egg made of wax. After you burn it, you’ve just got a dinosaur. Only the transition state, the dinosaur emerging from the wax as the candle burns, is interesting, but it only happens once, and for $45.

“But that’s the beauty of it! It only happens once!” Yeah, well, go see a local band play four times, or go for a walk in the woods infinite times for free.

If you’re fixated on the idea of burning a candle to reveal something inside, PyroPet was first to market with this idea, and the metal cat skeleton inside might be worth the cost and process, if you’re into tiny cat skeletons.

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