Cat Turntable


The idea of this cat turntable is cute, but if you buy this for your cat, he will never scratch it like in that illustration. He will scratch everything else in your house, but not this toy. At best, he will piss on the cat turntable, and his urine will soak into it, giving you the choice of throwing out your $26 cat toy, or letting your home continue to reek of cat urine.

A Parent’s Guide To Preventing Homosexuality


Despite the fact that “conversion therapy” has been debunked as a scam, Joseph & Linda Nicolosi have penned a book which includes testimonials from “ex-homosexuals” on how to make sure your kids don’t grow up gay, and how to make them un-gay if they turn out that way. You can probably imagine how gross and backwards the whole thing is, but if you’re not familiar with how crazy people can get when a man wants to kiss another man, check out the “Look Inside” to see the actual insane words that are still in print.

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