Prime Day Surveillance


You can purchase up to five cameras at a time with this “deal” on Prime Day, which enables you to send live video of your home to Amazon, whose employees can watch the goings-on of your private moments. Technically, you can also monitor your own house with this setup, but unless you’re an Amazon manager threshing your subordinate into peeing in bottles and collapsing of heatstroke and dying during the pack-n-ship of the Prime Day rush, there’s probably no reason to own a security camera!

It’s Prime Day


Some workers at Amazon are striking today, which is Amazon Prime Day. If that’s cooler to you than buying an Echo Dot for slightly cheaper than usual then you could skip the holiday entirely. It’ll still be a few years before the government mandates we add live microphones and cameras to our houses, so you might as well luxuriate in that while you still can.

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