Nude Real Estate


From the sordid world of “The Learning Channel” comes this gem, a pay-to-stream TV show called “Buying Naked.” It’s exactly what it sounds like, which is to say: It’s up to Jackie Youngblood, nudist real estate expert, to help this couple find a home that’s both nude and dog friendly.

Guns Are My Family


In a world of stick-figure-stickers, there are thousands of variations and parodies, each worse than the last. But I feel none match the tone of this particular one, whose official title is “Auto Sticker-Funny Car Sticker-Gun Family-Stick Family Decal-Window Sticker-Sticker Decal-Window Decal-Car Decals-Vehicle Sticker.”

If I had to put one in second place, it would probably be the “I Will Literally Murder Your Family With Guns” stick-figure sticker.

Dog Overalls


“This could be your dog,” whispers the picture of the dog in dog overalls, majestically leaping through the American wilderness.

For heavier duty, there is, of course, the dog “combat suit.”

Bible Verse Flask


If you’re going to pick a Bible verse to print on a flask, you’d probably want to go with one about how it’s good to drink. I feel like it maybe even had a story about a guy making his own wine for everyone to drink at a wedding.

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