Tiny House Living


I’d sooner get crammed into a pine box and be buried beneath the earth’s surface than attempt to live my life inside of a “tiny house.” But I try not to make a big deal about it, lest it become a movement, with Subterranean Casket-House enthusiasts bragging to each other about their pillow-lined deathtubs.

(That last link is a beautiful cherry-stained casket with eggshell interior, BTW, if you want to be one of the first to live the Subterranean Casket-House lifestyle.)

Coloring Books For Adults


There’s nothing wrong with coloring books for adults, as a thing that adults can do. But if you’re an adult, and you want to color, your choices are a handful of porny titles like The Fetish Coloring Book or Play With My Boobs: A Titstacular Activity Book, or  “Boring Houses: A Sedate Coloring Book Of Buildings.” (Okay, the real title is Historic Houses Of New England, but still.)

You’d think that with how much colored pencils cost, there’d be a mini-industry of good ways to use up your colored pencils so you’d have to buy new ones, but nope, it’s either Story Of The American Revolution Coloring Book or Kinksters With Crayons.

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