The Worst Emojis Of 2015


The crying-while-laughing emoji had a great year. And believe it or not, this full-face mask is only the SECOND worst mask of the crying-while-laughing emoji. The honor of being the absolute worst goes to the mask that leaves the model’s eyes somberly staring out through the open holes, while the mask cries and laughs without him.

This is even more astonishing when you consider that the distant third-worst goes to a poop emoji mask that’s being sold with a picture of a lady taking a dump while she wears it.

Finally, You Can Fuck A Football


The upside of Fantasy Football Stroker isn’t that you can fuck the football. It’s that when you wear this shirt, nobody’ll know that you’re referring to fucking a plastic football.

(I blurred the entrance and exit of the football pic here due to the bizarre regulations on nudity that exist in our culture. Blame society, not me.)

Be The Ayy To My Lmao


How about I be the no to your t-shirt?

Playseat: The Video-Game Chair


The Playseat is an over-one-thousand-dollar chair for playing video games. They also make a smaller version that looks like a folding lawn chair, if you’ve only got three hundred bucks in your budget for a chair to sit in while you game.

A book that used no E; a book that only uses E.



In an apparent attempt to rebut Ernest Vincent Wright’s 1939 “Gadsby,” a novel written without a single use of the letter “e,” the authors of EEEE EEEE have written a book consisting entirely of the single letter. You can’t help but be on Wright’s side, especially if you hit the “Look Inside” to see that, yes, it’s just the letter “e,” for 540 pages.

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