Dog Shit Soap


This soap is a pretty realistic pile of dog-shit, so I pixellated it (original image is on the listing, if you must.) You can choose from the scents of Bacon, Cannabis, and Monkey Farts.

Tetris: The Board Game


In an apparent attempt to answer the question “what could possibly ruin the best and most popular video game of all time?” the board-game of Tetris Link has been created. If you’re dead-set on bringing Tetris into the real world, you might at least go for these Tetris-shaped lamps. They’re stupid, but at least they don’t pretend to be fun.

The Werewolf Always Rings Twice


“The Werewolf Always Rings Twice” is a “BBW Paranormal Romance,” which sounds like it might be fat ghosts, or the ghosts get fat supernaturally. I guess you’d have to hit the “look inside” link if you wanted to find out.

TWART is by the author of another BBW Paranormal Romance called “Billionaire Alpha Seeks Curves.”

Wedding Ring Casket


This is a tiny casket that lets you bury your wedding ring after you get divorced.

Plus-Size Leggings


If you’re trying to sell leggings to plus-sized women, you might want to have a regular woman just wear it like a human, instead of stuffing a skinny person into one half of them and holding them out like Jared Fogle. (The average adult woman in the USA wears a size 14, which is very nearly “plus-sized” to begin with, just as a point of reference.)

It’s not just this item, either – they sell this skirt-legging in the same “haha fat” way. All of their items have collected a number of negative reviews, but they still seem to think it’s funny to sell large clothing like this.

Victorian Playhouse. No floor.


This 16×8-foot childrens’ playhouse warns that it comes with no floor. But, hey, what do you want for six thousand bucks? If you wanted a floor you’d spring for the nearly-twelve-thousand-dollar Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse.

Vegan Jerky


Jerky is the worst thing you could do to meat. So it stands to bear that the soybean, a legume which could be turned into tofu, miso, soy milk, edamame, soy sauce, or any number of wonderful foods, would be turned into horrible turd in an attempt to “jerky” it. That’s the case with this eight-dollar bag of inedible salty cardboard. 

Fortunately, unlike some of the customers, I was able to eat it, and it didn’t come as a single overgrown lump of mold (check the customer pics in the reviews if you want to see what this would look like.)

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