“Adulting” Is, Actually, Bullshit


If you mean that coming up with a cutesy word for responsibilities is bullshit, then, yes, I agree with you, coffee mug. Of course, it doesn’t mean this. It means that responsibilities are bullshit, and rolling around in your own filth playing video games as an adult is bae and swag. Yassss filth.

The Gaming Toothbrush


I can’t think of any downside to turning basic maintenance of your own body into a phone-led gaming experience. It’s probably fine for toddlers to grow up with no concept of delayed gratification, and the idea that any non-gaming scenario can and should be turned into one.

Then again, their parents probably own this bluetooth toothbrush for adults, and feed the data into Toothr, the app that lets you share brush data with Briends (brushing friends.)

The Worst 3D Scanner, Apparently


The Matter And Form 3D Scanner is a great idea. You throw a small object into it, and it’ll turn scan it into a 3D file that you can edit on your computer, and then print with a 3D printer. Except that it doesn’t work, rendering dark areas as holes, and shiny or transparent areas as scrambled garbage. The customer reviews include a guy who covered his scanned objects in flour to get them to scan correctly, and someone noting that the scanner scans the scanner itself, adding the rotating platform to your 3D file as part of the model.

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