Home Insemination Kit



It’s not that this wouldn’t work, necessarily. All the miracle of life usually needs is a little of the right fluid in the right place and time. But if you’re going the syringe-and-speculum route, you might want a more sterile environment than someone’s couch.

Of course, artificial insemination is a technique used on farm or show animals, so it’s nice that similar kits brand themselves as Human Artificial Insemination Kits. The worst way to accomplish this medically-necessary task, though, was suggested by someone in the comments: a six-pack of Tenga Eggs and a way to move your material from point A to point B.

The Fizz Saver: Actually, More Like The Fizz Not-Saver


The Fizz Saver, according to the 200+ customer reviews, is the worst thing that’s come to soda since RC Cola. It leaks, it breaks, the design is flawed… so what can you do if you drink 2-liter bottles of soda? Apart from the fact that the bottles come with caps, the similarly-named Fizz Keeper seems to do the job.

But let’s veer back away from cheap products that work, and check out the Fizz-Keeper Can Pump And Pour, a device that clips to the top of a 12-ounce soda can and lets you “save” it for 3 weeks. This would allow you to drink 0.57 ounces of soda a day, an implausible amount for any human to intentionally drink, of any liquid.

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