We Dislike People Not Believing In Us


The reason people might not believe in you, “TONY THE COACH”, is because you describe yourself as “an idea’s coach.” I realize you will consider this to be disrespectful, though, and I apologize for that.

For more backstory, you can check out an earlier book by TONY THE COACH called “Climax” where he describes how he became an ideas coach. His first point in “Climax,” of course, is to let you know he’s not the guy on the cover. That’s just a picture of someone reading the book.

Pepe The Meme Pin


There’s someone in the world who’s wearing a suit, and on the lapel, he’s wearing a pin of Pepe, the Meme Frog by Matt Furie. (Matt Furie is actually a great comic artist, and his book “boy’s club” is good, despite the meme-ing of one of its characters.)

But it’s not a nice suit that this person is wearing. No. They’re at some kind of internet-based event, and the frog pin is probably on this mustache-print suit. The world moves on without us, worse for time, and the oceans will rise to meet us sooner than we expect.

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