The Hot Dog Hat


Finally, you can wear a great lunch food on your head with Hot Dog Hat, the $6.95 accessory of your dreams. If that’s not quite doing it for you, try Hamburger Hat or Pizza Hat, by the same manufacturer.

Poisonous Mineral Supplement


Alt-medicine nutballs love “trace minerals”, because they claim that we’re missing them due to the way our water and food are treated. It’s a “return to nature” argument, which falls short here, because Trace Mineral Drops contain a concentration of arsenic 200 times higher than the highest exposure recommendation given by the World Health Organization. 

Since the FDA does not regulate supplements in the same manner that it regulates foods or drugs, products like this often go to market with harmful levels of toxic metals and other byproducts. The FDA does not act to inspect supplements until they are implicated in causing harm, which means that if you chug some moron-juice because a yoga person told you it was good for your energy, you might end up arsenic-addled before the FDA even knows it’s being sold.

Vinyl Record Washer


Looking at the Spin-Clean Record Washer, you’d think that it rotates your record through a cleaning bath on some kind of motor, but no, you have to turn it by hand. The yellow box is a plastic tub with two plastic rollers. The “washer fluid” is water, alcohol, and a tiny bit of detergent. The price for this combination of plastic tub, velvet “brushes”, and bottle of relabeled Windex is $79.00.

If you must buy dirty records, a microfiber cloth ($13 for a pack of 24) and a bottle of Windex will work just as well for cleaning them.

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