The Manga Guide To Linear Algebra


Manga, the Japanese comic books where drawings of children having sex with adults is accepted as part of the art-form (Japan just outlawed child pornography this year, in case you think that’s a joke) are apparently a great way to teach Linear Algebra. There’s also “The Manga Guide To Relativity,” in case you’re planning on accelerating an object to nearly the speed of light and need to know how its mass changes, but can’t read or understand any information unless it’s accompanied by a drawing of a screaming, big-eyed child.  

Love Is Art: The Fuck Painting


“Love Is Art” is a $50 kit consisting of a piece of fabric and a bottle of paint. You put the paint on you and your partner’s body, fuck on the canvas, let it dry, and then hang it up. Then, probably, if you’re the kind of person who thinks this is cool, whenever someone asks, you smile creepily and say “That print was made by making love.”

Or, if you’re not a weirdo, you try it out of being a good sport and find that the paint dries fast and doesn’t come off your body, leaving you scrubbing your body and screaming in the shower (2 stars out of 5.)

“Pure” Protein


Protein contains 4 calories per gram. “Pure Protein” protein bars have 200 calories each, and 20g of protein each. So only 40% of the calories actually come from protein. I’d hate to try their “Non-Poisonous Bars”, which would only be 40% non-poisonous.

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