The Bubble Tent


It seems like hell to me, but if you want to sleep outside in an unventilated bubble of your own hot breath, then the $900 bubble tent might be a great purchase. For those with a larger family, the two-room version clocks in at over four grand.

People Who Need To Die


In a nation where income inequality continues to grow, public services are being privatized, and the government prioritizes funneling wealth into corporations over the basic needs of its people, it’s time for us to accept that some people just need to die to make our country better. And if you’re Victor Rook, those people are cell-phone users. Taste the blade of the national razor, cell phonies!

Amazon Echo Show


The Amazon Echo Show is the same thing as the Amazon Echo, plus a video screen, so it can show you advertisements.

Alexa, show me the date and time of my death.

Alexa, move the time and date of my death to as soon as possible.

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