The Spider Catcher


Most of us are looking at about 78 years here on Big Blue & Green. Each second that ticks down, each GIF you scroll past, is sand through the hourglass. You will never get that back. Time, entropy, going off a diet, these things are all irreversible.

Given that we must make the best of the tiny amount of time we’re going to breathe air and eat food, is the best use of our lives to purchase and use a Spider Catcher? To relocate spiders from inside the house to the outside, without hurting them?

Or is this, the preservation of arguably non-conscious life that exists mainly to murder and eat insects, the true meaning of our lives?

I’ll let you ponder that. I’ve got bugs to squash and about 200 episodes of COPS that aren’t going to watch themselves.

Cookie Dough Recipes


This is a cute idea in theory. Sure, you can make your own cookie dough, or you can make your own fake cookie dough (without eggs) and then use it to craft intricate recipes. Wow, cookie-dough doughnuts! Cookie-dough pizza!

The problem is that if you like to sit around and eat cookie dough, you will not ever make a recipe. You have already established that cutting a plastic weiner of premade cookie dough onto any pan and then leaving the pan in the oven for twenty minutes is too much work for you.

In the interest of fairness, though, this might be a fun book to read while you’re squeezing two thousand calories of liquid fat and sugar into your face from a plastic tube.

The Fucking Egg Genie


I don’t care how many eggs you eat a day. You just don’t need an Egg Genie. Everything in your kitchen can cook an egg. The stove, the microwave, the coffee maker, the toaster oven, probably the toaster.

If you can’t cook an egg with the appliances and accessories available in the regular American household, the problem lies within. Close your eyes… your internal life is in black and white. You’re always messing up the eggs. You drop the eggs. You shake your head. Maybe you do need this fucking egg tub.

Make Your Own D*ldo


For $42, if I’m going to make my own d*ldo, it had better not look like my own chub. It should look like the Space Shuttle, or Kim Jong Un, or the Eiffel Tower with veins. I don’t think that’s a cuss word, by the way, I’m just keeping G**gle from yelling at me because they put their ads on here which I get paid for if you click.

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