George Takei’s Cologne


I don’t have anything against George Takei. I’m just suspicious of any product where the makers clearly thought of the name before designing the product itself.

Besides, I’m not sure that running a clickbait Facebook page qualifies you to make cologne.

The Jazz Pattern



Remembering something isn’t the same as liking it. But, I guess if you actually liked the “Jazz” pattern which was on half the paper cups you used in the 90s, you can buy this mug, and continue to drink out of its teal-and-purple glory. You could also buy the definitely-unlicensed, doesn’t-even-wrap-around t-shirt of the design.

Weirdly, the original paper cups are still being sold by the Solo corporation, the Jazz cup’s original manufacturer.

Future Vascular Surgeon


This is only funny if it only takes the baby a week to become accredited as a vascular surgeon, and she’s still a baby, so she has to crawl to the operating room.

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