The Litter Box That Cleans Itself, Except When It Doesn’t


The LitterMaid, a self-cleaning litter box, would be a great idea. Except that it doesn’t work at all. It has over 300 negative reviews, stating that the motor’s too weak, the replaceable parts are too expensive, and the tines on the shit-rake break off easily when they try to clean your cat’s turds.

If you’re looking for a solution to having a sandy box of cat turds in your house, you might skip the LitterMate and the PetZoom (a plastic patch of astroturf) and just teach your cat to crap in the regular toilet.

Twerk Pong


You might think, based on the name, that Twerk Pong would involve some sort of back-and-forth, but it doesn’t. To play, you and another person tie cardboard boxes to your asses and see who can shake the balls out of the box fastest. The end.

Desk Balancer


For a few years, we’ve been told that sitting while we do computer work is horrible for our health. We’ve been pushed to buy standing desks, or risers so that we can stand at a regular desk, with no attention being paid until very recently that working while standing is significantly worse than sitting, likely as a result of discomfort and distraction, and may even be worse for your body as well. As you might imagine, the trend towards standing desks is largely due to the manufacturers of standing desks and standing-desk accessories selling them as being healthier than the regular desk you already own and don’t have to buy from them.

Ignoring this, manufacturers are now suggesting that we stand on an unsteady platform as we work standing up at our desks. This one’s more expensive than you’d think, but, really, can you put a price on being distracted, uncomfortable, and less productive?

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