A Magic Wand For TV


The Kymera Magic Wand is a $74 electronic device you use to remotely control your TV, by waving it in the air in certain patterns and directions.

Televisions would be so much more fun if they came with something like this. But smaller, and with buttons you could push to directly control the television, instead of memorizing a specific way to wave a stick in the air. And for free.

The USB Drive That Cured Asthma


The full title of this item is “USB ionic Oxygen Bar Freshener Air Purifier ionizer For Laptop & With a Nice Gift.”

Does it actually do anything? If the graphic of a kitchen, a family, a woman with a dog, and some other tiny things didn’t tip you off: no. You can’t “purify” air with “negative ions.” But that didn’t stop multiple reviewers from claiming it does, including one poor soul who claimed that this USB stick cured his asthma.

Build Your Own Nuclear Reactor


Do you have dreams of poisoning yourself with radiation in an attempt to harness the power of the atom? Skip the uranium ore, which won’t get you where you think it will, and do what The Radioactive Boy Scout did, and make a nuclear reactor out of old smoke detectors. It’s a cautionary tale, of course, but also happens to include step-by-step instructions on how to duplicate this guy’s backyard nuclear experiments.

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