Literal Pap


If the hell-milk of Soylent doesn’t fit your needs for drinking pap, Huel Meal Powder provides roughly the same experience, with nearly as bad of a product name. Huel is short for Human Fuel, though its similarity to “gruel” can’t be a coincidence.

Kneeling In The USA


Novelty t-shirts are sometimes like the world’s worst game of Telephone, with an idea that’s usually terrible to begin with getting progressively more twisted and convoluted through one or more language barriers. This one is notable for how far away it got from the original idea while still being recognizable.

The Shocking Calculator


The premise of Funny Shocking Toys Electric Shocker Calculator Fake Gag Gift Trick Office Prank (its full name) is fatally flawed. Handing someone a crummy calculator and asking them to calculate some numbers is suspicious, at best. At least Shock Phone Funny Prank Gag looks like a phone, which someone is likely to hold in their hand and use, if it’s the case that you want to hurt someone’s hand and then laugh at them in the first place.

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