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Soylent meal replacement drink


Soylent is a powdered drink-mix developed by an electrical engineer who decided to “optimize” food by reducing it to a series of identical cummy shakes.

We can only hope that the creator will optimize the human needs for companionship, joy, and achievement in a similar manner.

Fake Pregnancy Tests


The world of fake pregnancy tests is a terrible one. The comedy angle (above) is obviously fake, and most of the customers complain that it’s not believable. There’s a different one with a more believable name and packaging (you have to give them credit for naming it Right Time, because if you google “right time pregnancy test”, you’ll just pull up people asking about ovulation cycles.)

But we take a dark turn here, as there’s a company called Midstream which makes several “prank” pregnancy tests out of real ones which they’ve altered and resealed. “No bodily fluids used,” they brag in their altered First Response pee-test listing. There’s a couple others, including a rigged Equate brand pregnancy test, in case it’s more believable that you wouldn’t shell out for the name brand. I was a bit iffy on the morals of selling fake pregnancy tests to begin with, but actually trying to convince someone they’ve knocked you up is clearly over the line.

(Two lines, if you’re pregnant.)

Thanksgiving trash-movies


Thankskilling is an ironically-low-budget movie whose primary quality is “Boobs in the first second,” as the cover promises.

Undeterred by their lack of success, and unaware that the charm in low-budget movies is their sincerity, the creators went on to make two sequels. Thankskilling 2 is nowhere to be found, but Thankskilling 3 is free to watch on Prime Instant Video, if you want to commit 100 minutes of your life to aggressive mediocrity.

Blue Strawberries: A scam (of course.)


For years, unscrupulous home-and-garden businesses have been selling fake “blue strawberry seeds” online. The structure of this scam is that by the time you plant the seeds and wait for the plant to grow, you can no longer get a refund on your payment. That’s the seller’s product picture, up there. Here’s the stock image they altered to create the blue strawberries:


Similar scams exist for black strawberries.



That’s the seller’s image. Here’s the original picture.


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