Monthly Archives: July 2015

Body Rap


The touch-sensitive pads say “B B B Body R R R Rap” when you press them. It’s “collectible,” which, I suppose, depends on whether or not you collect Body Raps.

Neil Armstrong’s Hair Controversy: The Tools



You may not remember the minor media controversy in 2005 when barber Marx Sizemore stole Neil Armstrong’s hair after cutting it off his head. But the scissors and comb he used to do it are for sale, for a serious amount of money.

A twist to this story that’s probably more bizarre to me than it is to you is that I had my hair cut dozens of times by this very same barber when I was young, but as I have never been to the moon, it’s unlikely that he has any of my hair.

A Dolphin Begs


Please put me back in the ocean.

fiberglass-dolphin-2Guys? Please? I have a family. In the ocean.

fiberglass-dolphin-3I guess this is where it ends. I never thought it’d be like this.



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