Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Tweebot


Tweebot is a battery-powered device that lets you control your phone with your voice, which might be useful if the phone didn’t already do that itself. Unfortunately, per the customer reviews, it won’t stay connected to your phone, and generally doesn’t work. It’s also twice the price of the Amazon Echo Dot, which is basically the same product, and seems like an awkward way to accomplish anything online, but seems to work reliably.

The Bibo Barmaid


This countertop device brags that it “eliminates waste” by charging you an insane amount to mix a pre-made packet of flavoring with liquor. If pouring a premade mixer and a shot of liquor into a cup is beyond your abilities, then this is not the solution.

If you absolutely must have a liquor-maker on your countertop, then at least this thing makes slushies.

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