Fried Chicken Phone Case


The Fried Chicken Phone Case is not what it sounds like (a phone case with a picture of fried chicken on it) but is, rather, a regular phone case with a life-size piece of fried chicken glued to it. Check out the rest of the pictures.

Ear No Evil: The Political Piece Of Plastic


“Ear No Evil” is two pieces of plastic you wear over your ears, if you’re an asshole. It costs $7.99 and is available in both Trump and Clinton versions. God forbid you talk to someone who isn’t voting for the same person.

Bad Parking Magnets


The theory goes that you would buy this ten-pack of magnets and then put them on someone else’s car to tell them to park better. This would, however, make you a much bigger asshole than someone who didn’t align their car in a parking spot to your specifications. A similar business-card-based product exists, but purchasing 100 of them might be even worse, as it implies you’re in the amateur-parking-cop game for the long haul.

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